Claudio Fasoli
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Claudio Fasoli - projects

Claudio Fasoli Four Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano sax Michele Calgaro - electric guitar Lorenzo Calgaro - double bass Gianni Bertoncini - drums, electronics
Claudio Fasoli Samadhi Quartet Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano sax Michelangelo Decorato - piano Andrea Lamacchia - double bass Marco Zanoli - drums
Claudio Fasoli & Bobo Stenson Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano sax Bobo Stenson - piano
Claudio Fasoli & Esa Pietilä Trio Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano sax Esa Pietilä - tenor sax Uffe Krokfors - bass Markku Ounaskari - drums
FASBER Duo Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano sax Gianni Bertoncini - drums, creative electronics
Claudio Fasoli The Brooklyn Option Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano sax Ralph Alessi - trumpet Matt Mitchell - piano Drew Gress - double bass Nasheet Waits - drums
Claudio Fasoli Samadhi Quartet Unlike said, this quartet: sax, piano, double bass and drums, could not arouse any sense of emotion, simply scribbled on a paper. Instead, when listened to carefully, this precise emotion translates into an explosion of intense expression and unpredictability, developing a thematic and improvised setting on this base. The same reasoning can be brought up in a Jazz musician approach not giving away himself to the predictable commonplaces too often. The spirit of this quartet is precisely its originality and its legitimacy towards the “ClaudioFasoli Samadhi Quartet” which brings an immense creativity to the behavioural aspect of the music and musician itself. That’s why is called Jazz !